About us


So, who are we?

Why do we create business signs for our customers?

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Halit, and I'm the founder of AcarPlus.

I have always been interested in creating aesthetic things throughout my life.

The way I designed my room, the clothing I selected, the products I purchased – they were always aesthetically pleasing.

I was simply following my feelings; "beauty" and "aesthetics" always made me feel good.

The way I presented myself and the environment I created was very important to me.

When my room was fully organized and looked good, I felt better about myself, and everything I did produced better results.

Additionally, I understood the power of first impressions.

I have always been entrepreneurially minded, even as a kid.

I tried starting various businesses to sell products worldwide.

Despite different ventures not yielding much success, I never gave up.

One day, while scrolling on the internet, I came across a guy making custom-made signs.

I ordered one for my home and installed it on my wall, next to my bed.

It looked gorgeous. I would always say "WOW" when I entered my room – haha.

It was crazy how a small piece of decoration affected my room this much.

Not only did it look good, but being fully customizable, it had that magical touch.

It made me feel great whenever I saw it

Since it had such a profound effect on me, I decided to make custom signs for people all over the world to help give them the same feeling.

Because it was truly something different.

It's not just about aesthetics; having a fully personalized sign gives an indescribable feeling.

One day I opened my computer, did some research on how to start a business like this.

After gathering all the information I needed, I created this website and launched some ads on the internet.

It took some time to get the ball rolling, but it was the best decision I have ever made.

AcarPlus started gaining traction.

I was receiving orders and creating signs for customers worldwide.

Once the signs were delivered, I kept asking my customers for their feedback.

The amount of positive reviews I received was off the charts.

They told me how the ambiance in their businesses had changed completely.

Their signs took their shops to the next level, and they received hundreds of compliments from customers.

This is truly an amazing investment that pays off quickly.

Creating a welcoming ambiance is a crucial element for the success of your business.

How you represent your business truly matters.

The design of your business matters.

The ambiance is the first thing your customers notice when they enter.

It shapes the entire experience in your store.

At AcarPlus, our mission is to create that magical environment you've been looking for.

You'll receive more than just "good aesthetics."

Our artisans will create something unique for you.

It will be fully CUSTOM made ONLY for YOU.

I'm looking forward to creating an irresistible ambiance for you.

I'm excited to serve you.

I KNOW miracles await you.

Your friend,